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Phil Hawkins is a Master of Arts candidate at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia. Phil was born and raised in Austin, Texas and has lived in Atlanta since 2017. As a native Texan, he can confirm that the stars at night are indeed bigger and brighter in Texas. Phil studied Cinema and Media Arts at Vanderbilt University, where he discovered his passion for comedy writing and performance. Since moving to Atlanta, he's served on professional projects in writing, production, and post-production.


Making films has been a passion of Phil's since a very early age. At just six years old he was using his LEGO set to storyboard the next Harry Potter film. According to Phil, it was the creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit unique to Atlanta that reaffirmed his love of film and production:


"Video is something special and the world has taken notice. Inside of that frame there's no limit to what you can create. When done well they draw each person in and bring them to a new way of thinking--much like a website bio."



TEASER TRAILER for ghosted [official selection]

new release:
a fig leaf of truth [official selection] - just guys bein' dudes

coming soon:
west space - a spacefaring action comedy series


producer's reel

director's reel

writing samples:

west space by phil hawkins
logline: In the not-so-distant future, a mechanic facing legal jeopardy encounters two visitors from outer space and decides to leave behind his life on Earth, before the law catches up with him. [12 pages]

adverse city by phil hawkins
*NYC Midnight 5-day Screenwriting Challenge 2020 submission --contestants are assigned a genre, a topic, and a subject and given five days to write a short screenplay
*assigned topics: historical fiction, bicycling, a squatter

logline: A struggling artist travels across New York City in search of a new home, having lost everything she owns at the hands of police officers. [10 pages]

operation harmony by andy karl & orfeh

coverage by phil hawkins

logline: A high-profile cabaret duet from Los Angeles gleefully breaks into the high-stakes world of espionage. [3 pages]


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negotiator: double jeopardy (dir. 2017)

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